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The AIMED AppLabs "Off-Site" Packaging Solution is a valuable and flexible addition to your application management environment. On demand, at your convenience. Fast, Web / Cloud Based, quality assured, based on no-cure-no-pay. By using crystallized, efficient processes and techniques, we are able to analyze, classify and deliver the requested software packages quickly. This way we can work cost effective and guarantee high quality application packages. AppLabs integrates seamlessly with your local application management and deployment environment. In fact you decide what software packages you want outsourced, maybe a batch of easy & fast packages, or just the difficult ones that take much time and resources. Or even all applications, saving on resources, tooling and licenses all together.


Your AppLabs application packages are developed in the AppLabs Packagefactory at AIMED Solutions. Customers do not need to invest in knowledge, licenses, workspace, hardware and FTEs. Effective from the very 1st day. Flexible and convenient. EXPERIENCED
AppLabs is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and certified engineers managed from our headquarters in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). With a Dutch, English and German speaking helpdesk. High quality packages are delivered with guaranteed functionality Quality Approved. This valuable technology, which previously was only available to large enterprises is now also within reach of SMEs.


We make no distinction in pricing or quality levels. All packages undergo 100% extensive technical and functional testing, validation, conflict analysis and a detailed acceptance phase.


Endless capacity and ultra-short delivery times. Any Application, Any organization Any Time.


AppLabs is offered at a fixed price, so you know in advance exactly where you stand and what to expect. 100% satisfaction assured, no-cure-no-pay.


AppLabs - Inventory Scan
Mapping infrastructure and setting standards

AppLabs - Intake Service
When extra on-site capacity is required

AppLabs - Off-Site packages
MSI, App-V, ThinApp, Citrix, Others

AppLabs - On-Site / On-Demand Support
On-Site Consultancy, for intakes, testing or packaging complex or backend-dependent applications.


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