AppStream is a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications to any device running a web browser, without rewriting them. AppStream can provide users instant-on access to the applications they need, with a responsive, fluid user experience on the device of their choice.

Users today want access to their applications from anywhere, using their preferred device. To support this, organizations need to maintain multiple versions of their desktop applications, and take additional measures to secure applications and data. While browser-based applications solve device compatibility and security problems for IT, the reality is that organizations still have many traditional desktop applications that need to be supported. Organizations face a choice: either rewrite their applications to run natively in browsers, which is time consuming and expensive, or continue to maintain and support a complex catalog of desktop applications. 

AppStream gives you the benefits of native browser applications without the need to rewrite them. With AppStream, you can easily import your existing desktop applications and start streaming them to an HTML5 compatible browser. You can maintain a single version of each of your apps, which makes application management easier. Your users always access the latest versions of their applications. Your applications run on AIMED compute resources, and data is never stored on users’ devices, which means they always get a high-performance, secure experience.

Unlike traditional on-premises solutions for desktop application streaming, Amazon AppStream 2.0 offers pay-as-you-go pricing, with no upfront investment and no infrastructure to maintain. You can scale instantly and globally, ensuring that your users always have the best possible experience.

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