Advanced Installer


Advanced Installer

During this hands-on training you will learn to use the Advanced Installer tool from a practical viewpoint. The course materials and assignments are based on real life experiences. This will give you the skills and knowledge to use Advanced Installer for your packaging challenges and apply it in your own organization!

This Instructor led training will be delivered by a skilled trainer with advanced packaging knowledge. So if you really want to learn how to package, test and deliver your packages to your end-users then learn from the best!


The content of this training includes all basic and advanced topics that allow you to directly use all the Advanced Installer functionality for your packaging challenges right away. You will learn things like:

  • Setting up a packaging environment based on industry best practices:
    • Configuring your development and testing systems
    • Prepare your environment using a project based approach
    • Creating application documentation for the application migration process
  • How a Windows Installer database (MSI) is constructed and how mechanisms like Self-Healing and Self-Repair work
  • Using Advanced Installer and it’s various tools and features
  • Authoring MSI’s, creating Transforms, Updates and Patches, using custom actions and more
  • Creating virtual applications for use with Microsoft App-V
  • Gain insight into the testing aspects like ICE Validation and technical testing under standard user accounts.
  • Deployment options for packages and SCCM Integration
  • And more...


  • Package Engineers, System Administrators, IT Professionals who want to learn Advanced Installer and want to expand their Packaging & Deployment Skills.


  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Some knowledge of Application Management, Client / Server and Server Based Computing is desired

course content

  • Introduction
  • About AI licensing
  • Application Management
  • Windows Installer Essentials
    • What is Windows Installer and How does it work.
  • Using Advanced Installer
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Working with Projects
    • Installer Projects
    • Package Definition
    • Defining and using Requirements
    • End User Experience
    • Making System Changes
    • Advanced System Changes
    • Custom Behavior
      • Search
      • Custom Actions
      • Properties
      • Table Editor
  • Patch Projects
  • Update Configuration Projects
  • Windows Store App Project
  • Application Repackaging
    • Repackaging vs. import
    • Repackaging in VMs
    • UI Automation
    • Editing Capture Profiles
    • Working with Transforms
    • App-V Editor Project
    • Using Wizards
  • Application Testing
    • Package Validation (ICE)
    • Testing your application
  • Package Deployment
    • SCCM Integration
    • Application Virtualization


duration pricing (EXCL. vat) follow-up course

3 days

€ 1.995,00 per delegate

Application Virtualization with Microsoft App-V 5


As part of CSR and being always up to date, AIMED Academy uses digital training manuals that will be presented on an additional display. You will also receive a training manual for future reference. Optionally AIMED offers the AIMED Academy Experience Kit. Please contact us for more information.

course hours

The training starts the first day at 09.30, other days we start at 09:00.
The training ends every day around 16:30


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